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GRIT TECH™ undertakes a careful and consistent protocol for grit test sampling and post sampling techniques. Our attention to detail delivers results to assist you in critical decision making about your WWTP's operation.

The hallmark of our thorough test procedure is Cross-Channel Sampling (CCS). Using CCS, influent and effluent samples are uniformly collected at numerous locations across the entire WWTP channel, including the left, center and right sides. Each sample is individually marked by channel point to maintain the integrity of the collection. CCS also yields an acute portrayal of the waste stream's grit profile and its flow path within the channel. This becomes key if tallying of grit removal efficiencies for various particle sizes is desired or required.

In the post-sampling stage, collected grit samples are transported to a lab for measurement. Following industry-accepted practice, the samples are dried and purified in a furnace to remove the miniscule amounts of coated organic material. Afterward, the dried grit samples can be accurately weighed and passed through a series of sieve trays to determine the sample's grit composition by size for true profiling and removal efficiency analysis.

Depending upon flow and weather conditions, a typical GRIT TECH™ testing protocol lasts one to two days onsite. Following the lab results, GRIT TECH™ provides you a thorough, written overview of the testing protocol, sampling results marked by channel point and time, a grit flow path profile, and removal efficiencies.

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