Can You Be Sure About the Grit in Your WWTP?
With GRIT TECH™, Yes!
Can your grit removal system handle the grit in your influent? We'll tell you!
Demand for WWTP grit system testing and evaluation is exploding across North America. To meet these growing needs, R&B Engineered Water Systems has expanded its offerings into a complete service division called GRIT TECH™, focused solely on today's grit challenges. GRIT TECH™ has assembled some of the most experienced technical staff and finest operations personnel in the industry. Together, our professionals boast decades of grit system design, testing and troubleshooting experience.

The cornerstone of our GRIT TECH™ division is performing grit tests for muncipalities and designers, including for system evaluations and start-ups. We rigorously employ industry-accepted testing methods to deliver real results to our clients. And that's fundamental because not all grit testing companies test the same way. GRIT TECH™ strives to offer you a complete picture of your plant's influent grit volume and removal by thorough sampling and documented results.

Our complete range of services include:

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